Touring Arizona Before or After


Arizona Scenery Photo Hikes
Led by Phoenix photographer, Tyger Gilbert

Arizona has a lot of beautiful scenery, and the best way to get great photos of it is to get out and hike the trails. You are invited to join me before and after the Freedom Summit for hikes in Sedona, at Picacho Peak, and in the Superstition Mountains, and we’ll see how many terrific pictures we can get together. These will be fun excursions at a leisurely pace.  For details, email me at: TygerGilbert@usawebadv.com

Friday, November 3, 2006 — 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
Full Day Superstition Mountains Photo Hike

A 1-hour drive, starting at 9:00 am up past Apache Junction on the Apache Trail highway to First Water Trailhead, then a 4-hour moderately easy hike on a loop trail just east of the Superstitions Mountains, stopping frequently to photograph the beautiful desert environment, including the surrounding mountains, cactuses, and native wildlife. We will return to the hotel by 4:00 pm.

There probably won’t be any snow on the Superstition Mountains like there was in March, 2006, when I took the images shown here, but I guarantee the area is as rugged as you see it.  We will bring our lunches and plenty of water so you can experience what the Sonoran Desert is like and return safely home.  The heat is likely to be in the comfortable 80’s, and we may even see a coyote or a roadrunner.

Sunday, November 5, 2006 — 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Afternoon Picacho Peak Photo Hike

A 20-minute drive to Picacho Peak, south of Casa Grande, then a 2-hour moderately difficult hike to the top of the mountain and back down, stopping frequently to photograph the mountain, saguaro cactuses, the sunset, and the surrounding desert landscape. We will return to the hotel by 6:00 pm.  This event is contingent upon the scheduling of the skydiving so there will be no timing conflicts.

Monday, November 6, 2006 — 8:00 am to 6:00 pm
Full Day Sedona Red Rocks Photo Hike

A 2½-hour drive to Sedona, a quick snack in the village, then a 4-hour moderately easy hike in Oak Creek Canyon, stopping often to photograph the beautiful canyon, mountains, fall colored trees, and the Red Rocks of the area in general. We will return to the hotel by 6:00 pm.

Despite the devastating forest fires in the area this summer, most of the

trails in our gorgeous Red Rocks country were not affected by them.

This dramatic late afternoon image of the rock cliff reflected in a pool in the creek is one I took in June of 2003. You might be able to capture a shot just like it, except that the leaves will likely be yellow and red in November. No matter where we go in Sedona, photo opportunities are abundant.

More Photos of Picacho Peak, and West Oak Creek Canyon in Sedona

Airparamo — You Can Fly Like a Bird!

Airparamo LLC is devoted to offering the finest powered paraglider (also called PPG or paramotor) flight training, service, and products from around the world. Located south of Phoenix, Arizona, our award winning instructor, Mo Sheldon, offers full-time, year-round service to suit your needs. Try out this amazing form of personal flight with a Discovery Flight and start your journey to the skies.

Airparamo will offer tandem flights for attendees at the Francisco Grande resort during the event in the early mornings and late afternoon (after 5pm). The best time to fly is near sunrise or sunset. See the Airparamo website for more information.


Casa Grande Ruins
National Monument

1100 W. Ruins Drive

McFarland Historical State Park
P.O. Box 109
Florence, Arizona 85232

Boyce Thompson Arboretum State Park
37615 U.S. Hwy 60
Superior, Arizona 85273

Picacho Peak State Park
P.O. Box 275
Picacho, Arizona 85241

Catalina State Park
P.O. Box 36986
Tucson, Arizona 85740

Desert Botanical Gardens
1201 N Galvin Pkwy

The Phoenix Zoo
455 N Galvin Pkwy

Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum
A world-renowned zoo, natural history museum
and botanical garden, all in one place!

2021 N Kinney Rd
Tucson  85743-8918

Ironwood Forest National Monument
Southwest of Picacho Peak
Red Rock Exit off I-10
Sasco Road to Silverbell Road

Saguaro National Park
3693 South Old Spanish Trail

Kartchner Caverns State Park
Call in Advance for Reservations
P.O. Box 1849

Grand Canyon Visitor Center

Trees in Oak Creek Canyon
showing their autumn colors.


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