Previous Speakers in 2004

Alan Bock

Alan Bock is a senior editorial writer at the Orange County Register. Mr. Bock has served as the executive director of Libertarian Advocate in Washington, and as a Washington correspondent for Reason magazine. He has been a press aide to Rep. Earl Ruth (R-NC) and Rep. Robert Bauman (R-MD). He co-hosted a syndicated radio talk show, “The Fourth American Revolution,” for two years and continues to be a frequent radio talk show guest.

Mr. Bock has four books published: Ecology Action Guide, The Gospel Life of Hank Williams, Ambush at Ruby Ridge, and Waiting to Inhale: The Politics of Medical Marijuana. He attended UCLA as a National Merit Scholar and majored in political science and journalism.

Mr. Bock is also a Media Fellow with the Hoover Institution at Stanford.

Doug Casey

It would difficult to find anyone who knows more about international investments and international living than Doug Casey. Doug is the editor of International Speculator, a monthly newsletter that brings his latest picks and insights from wherever in the world he may be. He has been featured in The Washington Post, Forbes, Time, Barron’s, and a score of other financial publications.

Doug is the author of several New York Times Best Sellers, including International Man, Crisis Investing, Strategic Investment, and Crisis Investing for the Rest of the 90s. At last count he has visited over 130 countries and lived in eight. He has over a million frequent flyer miles on just one airline alone — enough to circle the globe 40 times!

Doug Casey is also the founder of the Eris Society. Eris was the Greek goddess of discord who threw a golden apple marked “Kalliste” (“to the fairest”) into a celebration and caused a squabble that led to the Trojan War. The Society is a group of free thinkers who meet once a year to discuss the arts and sciences, philosophy and theology, and any other subject which may lead to a world of ideas beyond our workaday lives.

Charles Goyette

Conservative commentator Charles Goyette — named “Best Phoenix Talk Show Host” by the New Times and “Man of the Year” by his county Republican Party — recently caused an industry stir when he was fired for political heterodoxy. Refusing to toe the Clear Channel party line and support the war in Iraq, he was first transferred from his high-profile drive-time slot to an evening pigeonhole, and then terminated by talk behemoth 550 KFYI after his contract no longer protected him.

Charles was quickly snapped up by maverick, eclectic news/talk 1100 KFNX during morning drive time. In May of this year he abandoned the Republican Party for the Libertarian Party, explaining that the Republicans had abandoned any pretense of principle. This is one speaker you won’t want to miss!

Jim Peron

Jim Peron is the executive director of the Institute for Liberal Values. He is the editor of the book The Liberal Tide: From Tyranny to Liberty, as well as the author of other books such as Zimbabwe: The Death of a Dream. His first book, Liberty Reclaimed, was written in 1984 with Jim Lewis, Libertarian Party vice presidential candidate, and sold 50,000 copies. His book Exploding Population Matters was published in Canada, the United States and South Africa.

Lazarus Long

Lazarus Long (né Howard Turney) is a long-time pioneer in the field of anti-aging medicine. Some consider him the father of Human Growth Hormone. He is a long time entrepreneur and the founder of several successful companies.

Lazarus has ambitiously founded a new country, The Principality of New Utopia, which seeks to be a free market haven located between the Cayman Islands and Belize. He will speak about the opportunities available in The Principality of New Utopia.

His editorials have appeared in publications around the world including the New Zealand Herald, the Christchurch Press, the Johannessburg Star, and the Wall Street Journal (Europe). He is editor of the monthly publication Free Exchange, and organizer of the World Freedom Summit 2004 held in cooperation with the International Society for Individual Liberty. He is also owner and operator of Aristotle’s Books in Auckland.

Jim joined the Libertarian Party in 1978 and ran for state representative in Chicago in 1980. While studying in Connecticut he ran for US Congress as a Libertarian and then again for local office in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Justin Raimondo

Justin Raimondo is a policy analyst at the Center for Libertarian Studies in Burlingame, California, and an adjunct scholar with the Ludwig von Mises Institute in Auburn, Alabama. Raimondo is the author of Reclaiming the American Right: The Lost Legacy of the Conservative Movement and Colin Powell and the Power Elite, as well as numerous pamphlets, such as In the Flames of Waco.

He contributes regularly to well-known conservative periodicals; his articles have appeared in the Washington Times, the Los Angeles Times, the San Francisco Examiner, Reason, magazine, Chronicles magazine, the Free Market, and the Rothbard-Rockwell Report, among many others.

Raimondo has lived in San Francisco for 25 years, originally hailing from upstate New York. During the 1970s and ’80s, he was active in the Libertarian Party and ran for public office under that party label. In 1985 he joined the Republican Party, and has been active ever since.

Mary Ruwart

Mary J. Ruwart, Ph.D. is a former pharmaceutical research scientist and Assistant Professor of Surgery. She is best known as the author of Healing Our World: The Other Piece of The Puzzle, a book which was hailed by Visions magazine as “possibly the most important book of the decade.” Healing applies win-win strategies to the political realm, “bridging the gap between conservatives and liberals, Christians and New Agers, special interests and the common good, with practical solutions to our economic, environmental, and societal woes” (according to Ron Paul, U.S. Congressman (R-TX) and 1988 Libertarian Party Presidential Nominee).

Dr. Ruwart has worked extensively with the disadvantaged in low-income housing, and has run for office as a Libertarian. Her scientific, political, and community activities have been profiled in several prestigious biographical works, including American Men and Women of Sciences, World’s Who’s Who of Women, International Leaders in Achievement, and Community Leaders of America.

Ken Schoolland

Ken Schoolland is currently an Associate Professor of Economics and Political Science at Hawaii Pacific University in Honolulu. Schoolland served as an international economist in the US International Trade Commission, the US Department of Commerce, and on assignment to the Office of the Special Representative for Trade Negotiations. He taught at Sheldon Jackson College in Alaska and on a university exchange program at Hakodate University in Japan. He later became Director of the Master of Science in Japanese Business Studies Program at Chaminade University.

Schoolland is a member of the Board of Directors of the International Society for Individual Liberty, a Sam Walton Fellow for Students in Free Enterprise, and has authored The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible: A Free Market Odyssey, now published in 30 languages.

George H. Smith

George Smith publishes a monthly e-zine, The Philosophe, which contains substantial articles of interest to independent intellectuals such as libertarians, freethinkers, Objectivists, humanists, and others.

George has served as the Director of the Forum for Philosophical Studies, Los Angeles; a lecturer on American History at the Cato Institute; and a Senior Research Fellow and lecturer on political philosophy and intellectual history at George Mason University’s Institute for Humane Studies.

George is the author of Atheism: The Case Against God, and Atheism, Ayn Rand, and Other Heresies.

Claire Wolfe

Claire Wolfe is the author of The Freedom Outlaw’s Handbook (July 2004) and the earlier books 101 Things to Do ‘Til the Revolution, I Am Not a Number!, Don’t Shoot the Bastards (Yet), and Think Free to Live Free. She is the co-author, with Aaron Zelman, of The State vs. the People: The Rise of the American Police State.

Claire wrote the screenplay for the recently released video documentary, Innocents Betrayed. Based on the book Death by “Gun Control” by Aaron Zelman and Richard W. Stevens, Innocents shows graphically and in the most heart-rending human terms how “gun control” turns innocent men, women, and children into helpless victims. Innocents has been getting knockout reviews, and received a Bronze (second place) in the annual Telly Award competition.

Claire often writes in the online edition of Backwoods Home magazine about the small town of Hardyville, USA — a community just west of the middle of nowhere that has never forgotten the meaning of independence. She is also proud to write frequently for Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership.


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